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Oi, been awhile since I did anything here.  Especially since I usually just lurk.  And those who's work I don't see often here, I see on their respective sites.

Anyways, want to say that while I have done next to nothing since my last journal entry, I have been doing some things over the course of this month.  Some drawing, some animating, some practicing of different things, and naturally, some arguing.  So, just puting this up to say, I'll have something shortly.

I have to admit, I have been very lasy.  I may continue to be lazy.  I've said lots on me Myspace blog, along with other stuff.

I will start putting stuff on DA again.  Not alot, and probably not all at once, but I will.  Hell, got nothing else when I wake up later.  This is basically a compression of what I put on me myspace blog.  So you don't have to click all the way to myspace, I will put the whole thing in detail below.  So, later to whoever may or may not be visiting here, because I have no clue who shows interest in my activity on this site.

Wow, where do I begin with this. First the main thing, my life. For the most part, I've been lazy. Very lazy. Now, this is not saying I don't do work, because I do. Just that I don't really do anything after work. I just sorta sit there and occasionally do other stuff. Been trying to get out of this bad habit, but it's not happening. I don't know why, but I really don't care. Only time I ever put any effort into something these days is when my tranquility is threatened. If it's nothing, I'll let it roll off. If it's going to get in my way, I go to take care of it. In short, I won't do anything unless I need to. While this shouldn't be a big deal, it troubles me alot. I don't like being complacent, but I am. There was once a time when I did something more because I wanted to, not because I needed to. Now I don't do anything unless I need to. It's not a matter of priority, but a matter of I need to get off my ass and do what I want. Yeah, sure, I do things my way most of the time. But still, I do as I need to, not as I want. I've started to change that this month. Sadly, I still fall into my bad habits. It's not a pleasant thing, but it happens. It's something I need to unlearn.

As for what I've done this month. I've got back into practicing on my keyboard. It will be a while before I can play music well again, so don't expect anything. I mostly practice so I can do original music vids and to put better music into games. If I can manage to do very well, I may actually do some music CDs. And with the mention of games comes the next thing. I'm eventually going to be puting game creations I come up with online. Most of which done as a hobby, so I use easy to make software. However, I will be using custom sprites rather than presets. Mostly because I can barely do a thing with presets. Admittingly, this will take a long time, so don't expect anything yet.

Now on to actual drawing. I've still done very little, but I've at least done something. I plan to have some decent stuff shortly. When, I don't know. It is in the plans, so who knows.

I can't mention drawing and not say what's going on with animating, so here goes. I've abbandoned the original 2009 project because I won't be quiting yet. That project was planned as a finale, and I won't end now. I probably won't quit for another two years. By then, the well of my thoughts may run dry and I would have nothing left to offer. So, for this project I have gone back to full animating and such. Right now, I barely have a minutes worth, and the whole thing is planned to be eight or nine minutes long. The first half will be in my older style. The second half will be a hybrid style I've been working on and off with.

As for how the video will be, I plan on incorporating alot of old stuff. Not everything old. It'll actually appear new for those of you who know me for my internet shenanigans. Such as my very bad B1gR3dC4t habits. For those who seen my pre internet works, this may bring back alot of memories. Hell, what I already got done is vintage, so who knows. I just hope by now alot of my early stuff isn't forgotten.

As for the audio of this presentation, I'm using video game remixes simply because I love video games. I've chosen the remixes that have no vocals because that's alot easier to work with. I can't go full swing just yet, since there is alot to consider. I recall once seeing a really bad AMV that I remember simply because everyone said it was gay. While this may make no sense, the reason was that the AMV had two males going at it, but the song was more about lovers arguing. So much can get screwed up like that with vocals unless you do specific things or throw in random mouth movements that don't relate. I don't want to do any of that, so I'm sticking to no vocal tracks. My choices, the first half as a tribute to the better parts of my early life with a remix of an opening. The second half will have a remix of an ending theme that relates to my current taste in games.

As for what inspired this project. First, all the people who asked me either where my material can be found, if I still do these, or when my next one will be. While it does get annoying, the fact that I actually have gotten these questions show someone has interest. So to all you pain in my asses, I thank you. Other inspirations are the Flash animations Nightmare City (and Savior Cat), it's parody (4chan city), and anything related to CCC. A mix of goofy and serious all in a city, so who knows.

If I don't, for some reason, complete this by December, I will put the first half online. I'm sure I'll at least have that done by then. Especially since I don't know how long it will be till I'm actually done with the second half. It could be quick, since I won't be doing alot of things that I need for the first half. But it could also take a long time if it proves to be a very daunting process. Hell, a couple seconds out of the first half took me about three hours nonstop to complete (that's frame by frame for ya, lol).

Well, that's everything. Considering some digression, it's not so bad.


BRC, the rusty cat


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